Q: Is Bubble Soccer safe?

A: As with any sport there is always a risk.  We do not allow cleats, jewelry or any sharp objects on the playing field.  All players are instructed to play fair and safely.  It is physically demanding so if you have any health concerns you should not play.

Q: How much does the bubble weigh?

A: A bubble weighs about 20 lbs.

Q: How long is the game?

A: The game will be three 8 minute quarters for the leagues. For parties and play session we suggest no more than 10 minute intervals.

Q: I've played soccer before, what's unique about bubble soccer?

A: The same soccer rules apply with very few adjustments because of the bubble suit. The bubbles will make you experience a game out of the ordinary and a totally delusional experience! Laughter and fun are guaranteed! If you thought Bubble Soccer is reserved only for trained athletes or experienced soccer players, think again! It is a sport for everyone and it requires no special skill.

Q: Do I need any additional equipment?

A: Some people prefer to bring knee pads for extra protection, however, they are not necessary.

Q: What should I wear? 

A: Dress appropriate for the weather, but realize you are in a plastic bubble running around. Gym shoes only and your team is required to have matching Team shirts. 

Q: What are the ages for Bubble Soccer? 

A: We have youth and adult size bubbles. Typically youth size fits 10-12 year olds and adult fits 13+. We don't recommend children under the age of 9 unless they are taller than 52".

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